Real Estate and Justice

An Easier Route to Compliance

Legal and contractual services can be complicated. Digital technology can make it straightforward.

Whether it is online procurement, document authentication, or issuing and dissolving agreements with subcontractors, THIQAH has solutions that can streamline your processes.

Benefits of Digital Solutions for Real Estate and Justice

Thiqah’s digital solutions make tracking shipments and fulfilling regulatory requirements fast and efficient.

Real estate and Justice are fields of paramount importance to us at THIQAH.

By incorporating digitization into operations through THIQAH, businesses will be uncovering the following impact:

  • Documenting legal government transactions in an easy, non-binding manner, at a specific time or place;
  • Offering a range of opportunities for notarized lawyers, for them to practice documentation work for individuals and companies in a consistent manner;
  • Revolutionizing the real estate bidding process by digitizing it, all while increasing transparency in the bidding and purchasing procedures;
  • Digitizing the process of recording marriage electronically and connecting to the relevant governmental entities.

With digitization through THIQAH, adapting to the rapidly-changing consumer needs and the market demands won’t be a ruthless task anymore.


Smart Approaches in
a Digital World

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The platform is designed by the Ministry of Justice to implement various authentication services such as documenting corporate contracts, issuing and dissolving agreements, and many other services. The platform also allows its users to contact certified notaries from the Ministry of Justice.

For more details please visit Almwathiq


E-mazad is the leading auction platform developed and operated THIQAH, which enables beneficiaries to conduct a bidding process and offer assets to be sold easily and reliably. The platform allows participation in various auctions from anywhere in compliance with the laws of holding auctions, buying and selling in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For more details please visit E-Mazad


E-zawaj is an electronic service provided by the Ministry of Justice to fulfill all the government procedures required from individuals to issue a marriage certificate.

For more details please visit Ministry of Justice


What we achieved
in Real Estate And Justice

What we achieved
in Real Estate And Justice