Retail Just Went Global

Retail is changing. THIQAH’s solutions make it easy to sell products and services online.

With the rapid growth of online retail, entrepreneurs and store owners need reliable and seamless solutions that support commerce in digital marketplaces. Secure, safe, and integrated, THIQAH’s solutions make it easy to sell products and services online.

Benefits of Digital Solutions for Commercial

Thiqah’s digital solutions make tracking shipments and fulfilling regulatory requirements fast and efficient.

In a rapidly-evolving market that requires swift actions, THIQAH’s digital solutions for the commercial sector are geared toward encouraging small-to-medium businesses to get into the market by facilitating and expediting the mechanisms and procedures needed to start a business. This is done by re-engineering the trademark process and helping them document their presence and demonstrate their customers’ experiences to enhance confidence and trustworthiness. Additionally, THIQAH always supports the expansion of commercial activities by digitizing and simplifying the official processes related to the latter.

In other terms, by digitizing and re-engineering the transaction procedures related to business registration, coupled with the abovementioned, we contribute to raising the number of new establishments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Smart Approaches in
a Digital World

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aAn electronic platform that allows importers and manufactures of consumer goods to register the product conformity certificate and shipment certificate in the Saudi market whether imported or manufactured locally products.

For more details please visit Maroof

180 Seconds

The service enables organizations to electronically issue commercial registrations within 180 seconds while also providing managing services which allows modifying and renewing the registration.

For more details please visit Ministry of Commerce

Trademark Registration Service

The service enables institutions & individuals to electronically register their trademarks and publish them without.

For more details please visit Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property

Establishing Contracts Register for Companies

The service enables beneficiaries to electronically establish incorporation contracts for companies and to issue commercial registrations.

For more details please visit Ministry of Commerce


What we achieved
in Commercial

What we achieved
in Commercial