Quality of Life

Technology with a Human Touch

At THIQAH, we believe that technology has the potential to improve lives and support the modern delivery of public services.

We already work with key government bodies and their agencies in a range of areas relating to health and wellbeing, delivering transformational platforms that enhance citizens’ quality of life.

Benefits of Digital Solutions for Quality of Life

Thiqah’s digital solutions make tracking shipments and fulfilling regulatory requirements fast and efficient.

Amid the digital age, companies that keep on using paper-based methods and procedures in their operations won’t be able to persist in the competition, and will consequently fall behind.

In a way to uplift their overall commercial operations, companies creating advanced pharmaceutical and cosmetic products require implementing advanced technology into their daily business operations.

At THIQAH, enhancing business operations, and, respectively, the quality of life through digitization is what we aim for. Being the case, we possess convenient mechanisms to:

  • Digitize drug and cosmetic registration procedures;
  • Support skilled craftsmen in establishing their presence and obtaining the permissions required for them to practice their crafts and businesses.

Consequently, by stepping into digitization through THIQAH, a unique quality of life for craftsmen will be secured, and the safety ratio for medical and cosmetic products will be easily achievable.


Smart Approaches in
a Digital World

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The Saudi registration system (SDR) is owned by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority. The system enables the registered institutions to register pharmaceuticals, herbal, and veterinary preparations.

For more details please visit SDR