Secure Solutions for a Changing World

For financial services, transparency and security are key.

THIQAH has a range of trusted products that are already supporting transformation in the financial sector, creating the infrastructure that the sector needs to grow and thrive.

Benefits of Digital Solutions forFinancial

Thiqah’s digital solutions make tracking shipments and fulfilling regulatory requirements fast and efficient.

Through its variety of reliable product offerings tailored for the financial sector, THIQAH always strives to:

  • Promote transparency and fair yet equal opportunities in government procurement systems by digitizing government procurement and certifying suppliers;
  • Enhance opportunities for the private sector and its small-to-medium enterprises, for them to access government projects seamlessly and achieve tangible growth;
  • Link business owners with accounting offices and accounting service providers in order to assist businesses in maintaining their operations
  • Supporting providers of accounting services to identify customers and deliver their services efficiently.

By that, a financial firm that steps into digitization through THIQAH will be undoubtedly shifting toward streamlining its operations and enjoying a swifter development of services and products.


Smart Approaches in
a Digital World

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Etikal is a platform that aims at governing accounting services in order to secure the commercial sector’s financial health, in the framework of developing the services of accounting system providers, auditing office services, accounting services, and financial consultancy by licensors and linking them to small and medium enterprises, which helps in enabling and building the digital capabilities of such establishments.

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A certified e platform which aims to support the digital transformation and increase transparency and efficiency in the financial services provided by the Ministry of Finance to various government and private sectors. Thus, the platform includes different services such as budget management, tenders and procurement management, and many other financial services.

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