Real Estate And Justice

E-Mazad Platform

The real estate market is in a state of constant renewal, and yet traditional auctions still face hurdles such as finding the appropriate buyer, and the long time it takes to finalize the legal procedures.

Thus, THIQAH worked hard to develop E-Mazad, a digital auction platform which follows the sales and purchase residence legislations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. E-Mazad enables its users to auction their assets and proceed with the bidding process easily and securely.

In addition, E-Mazad is characterized by its automated procedures, it also guarantees the eligibility of the bidding participants, to limit fraud and manipulation. It also synchronizes digital and physical auctions to allow for the highest number of bidders at any place at any time. E-Mazad also provides a trial run of the bidding process, to help the real estate marketer before starting the real auction.

As a result, E-Mazad has earned the trust of the real estate marketer by %75 to offer their assets to be auctioned through E-Mazad at a frequency of 24 operations for every real estate marketer. E-Mazad also provides safe and secure payment methods for the bidders.

E-Mazad had a positive impact on the real estate market, with 3,721 digital auctions performed on the platform, and bidders reaching more than 25K.